Increase in light aircraft movements – a guide for residents.


Rutland Flying School sits within military airspace owned by RAF Wittering (the airspace is called a Military Air Traffic Zone – or MATZ for short). Civilian aircraft are not permitted to fly within the MATZ without specific approval from the RAF for each flight.


Other than to take off and land, the RAF require that Rutland Flying School aircraft do not operate within the MATZ and as such our training area tends to be over sparsely populated areas of Lincolnshire and the Fens, out towards the Wash and well clear of the MATZ.


It is also worth noting that we only provide training for private pilots and use relatively quiet Cessna or Piper aircraft. We do not teach aerobatics or conduct any high energy manoeuvres.


Since April 2015 five squadrons of Grob Tutor light aircraft aircraft have been stationed at RAF Wittering (around 30 aircraft) and these aircraft tend to carry out high energy manoeuvres and aerobatics as part of their training. In tactical training areas military aircraft are also permitted to fly much lower than civilian aircraft.


Rutland Water lies just on the edge of the Military air traffic zone so it is inevitable that these aircraft will be heard from the ground as they operate over Rutland and Rutland Water either inbound or outbound from RAF Wittering.


Information regarding the recent increase in aircraft movements in the Rutland area can be found at


To complain about low flying military aircraft please also see