The full private pilot licence. You will fly at least 25 hours with the instructor, at least 10 hours on your own and have a minimum of 45 hours flying before taking the final test skills test. There are also 9 (multiple choice) exams to take. You will need a full medical performed by a CAA approved doctor before flying solo.






The LAPL is a slightly more restrictive licence. You can fly aircraft up to 2000kg and carry up to 3 passengers. You can't add instrument privileges to an LAPL though. The good news is that you can take your test after minimum of 30 hours of training rather then 45 for the full PPL. The same 9 exams are required but the medical rules are not as strict.

Tailwheel Training
This is one of our specialities and we are lucky to have a wonderful Piper Supercub to teach you in. Having the wheel at the back makes for some interesting landings but once you get the hang of it you'll wish you'd tried it years ago.

Cub picture


Farmstrip Flying
This is usually done in conjunction with our Tailwheel conversion training. Learn to land at small farm strips and other private fields. Pop into these friendly strips for summer BBQ's or land near the beach for a perfect day out.

Instrument Rating (restricted) - IMC Rating
Once you have your PPL and have gained some valuable hours flying you may wish to add a restricted instrument rating to your licence to allow you to fly in clouds and in reduced visibility. This 15 hour course can be invaluable, especially in the UK. During this course you will land at some of the larger airports using some sophisticated approaches.



Night Qualification
Although our own airfield is not equipped for night flying we can conduct night training (min 5 hours) at other airfields in our aircraft.

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